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Typical Reflexology Session

A reflexology session normally lasts for approximately 55 minutes, but this can vary slightly depending on the specific needs of the client.

For your first visit please allow approximately 90 minutes, as a detailed assessment is required which will include a comprehensive client medical history to assess each individuals suitability for treatment. I will discuss with you any side affects and answer any questions you may have about your treatments.
This consultation will give me the information I need to work with you, and help me decide on the best treatment plan for you.

Your Responsibility:

As a client it will be your responsibility to come with clean washed feet. You will need to remove your socks and shoes prior to your treatment. You will be comfortably seated in a special reclining chair for your treatment. Please don't feel that you need to have a pedicure before your visit and don't be embarrased about your feet.

Typical Session. Garden Studio

Before the sessions I will clean your feet with wipes.. Following this I will assess your feet for any foot conditions such as colour, scars, lines and puffiness. These will enable me to get an idea of areas of imbalance in your body. I will then work on your feet one foot at a time. The resting foot will be wrapped in a towel to keep warm while the other foot receives treatment.

Your treatment will begin with a gentle massage followed by gentle pressure to the reflex points of the feet. This should not be painful, but some reflex points may be sensitive due to the imbalance in the body’s energy.
After the session, I will be making note of any tender reflex or areas of sensitivity you felt during the treatment.

After the treatment, you may feel calm, relaxed or even sleepy. Others may feel energized and rejuvenated. Different people respond differently to the treatment. You are encouraged to drink a glass of water to help flush out any toxins.

All treatments are conducted in a peaceful and relaxing room. Soothing music can be enjoyed during the treatment to promote peace and tranquility.

Typical Session. foot no3

Just To Say . . . .

Having been diagnosed with MS and fibromyalgia I searched for alternative treatments for my pain, muscle spasms, sleeplessness and low mood. On recommendation I came to see Sam some 4 years ago. I was sceptical as to how only working on my feet would make a difference to my symptoms, how wrong I was. Sam works on specific areas and uses lymphatic drainage from which I benefit immensely. I have a one hour maintenance treatment once a fortnight, after each and every session despite feeling tired and thirsty this soon passes and I have this wonderful feeling of relaxation and positivity. Sam has a calming and understanding approach to each and every individual, I highly recommend her. Thank you Sam for making my life a little easier.

I sought Reflexology for a shoulder injury, which I had for over 20 years. I had reduced movement and was unable to put my arm above my head. After receiving several treatments the mobility in my shoulder is much better and I can now get my arm above my head.

For over a year I have been receiving regular reflexology treatments from Samantha for stress and fertility issues. Samantha's treatments have made a real difference to my wellbeing and I can't recommend her highly enough. She is calm, sympathetic, very friendly and approachable. She is extremely professional and it is obvious that she has a real passion for helping people and improving their health and wellbeing through reflexology.
Samantha puts me at ease and always answers any questions I have. Her treatment room is very calming and serene. I find her reflexology blissfully relaxing, a deep relaxation that I can't find any other way. I really look forward to having reflexology as it is a real treat and special time for myself. I always come away feeling refreshed and renewed.

For approximately three years I had been experiencing lower back pain, a friend suggested reflexology. I found Samantha and booked my first treatment. Whilst I was apprehensive I found the treatment to be not only professionally delivered, calming my anxiety but also assisted greatly in managing the pain and discomfort. Highly recommended.

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