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Is Reflexology Suitable For Me
Reflexology is a holistic therapy and in certain specific circumstances is not an appropriate treatment. Some people find that one treatment is enough to help them with a particular problem, for others, additional treatments may be necessary. Reflexology can aid self-awareness allowing greater control of one`s well-being. Not everyone will benefit from reflexology, we are all individuals and as such respond to treatments differently.

Will It Hurt
While the feet are being worked there may be some discomfort experienced, but this is an indication of imbalance within the body, by working a particular reflex any discomfort will hopefully ease and in turn the body can begin to heal itself.

How Long Does a Treatment Last
A Reflexology Treatment normally lasts between 50 to 60 minutes, dependant on the specific needs of the client.

How Many Treatments Will I Need
The course of treatment varies with every client depending on the condition, the symptoms experienced and how well the clients body responds to the treatment. Initially I would expect to treat the client with one reflexology treatment every week for up to four weeks. Further treatments are then tailored to individual requirements.

Do You Need To See Us Both
In an ideal world, I would very much like to see both partners for an initial consultation prior to treatment. I know this is not always possible and i am happy to treat either or both of you. urther treatments are then tailored.

Can You Help If We Are Having Assisted Conception
Many clients seek fertility treatment with conventional medical practitioners. As a serene therapist I am able to work in ways to enhance their therapies and boost the chances of success using your body’s own mechanisms.

Can I Bring Someone With Me To My Appointment
You are welcome to bring along a partner or friend to the appointment for support, but unfortunately they will not be able to sit in on the treatment, they will be required to wait In their car until your treatment is finished.

How will I Feel Afterwards
Everyone responds to the treatment differently, indeed the same person may respond to a treatment differently from one week to another. You may feel energised, uplifted, positive, deeply relaxed or you may feel very tired or emotional.

What Should I Wear
Comfortable clothing is appropriate, please wear a face covering during your appointments

How Can I Ensure My Safety During The Covid-19 Crisis
I am compliant with the AOR Covid-19 Secure Hygiene Guidelines -
Wash and sanitise hands
Face mask or face shield will be worn
I allow an extended time between clients for complete sanitising of all areas
Linen and towels will be changed for each client
Booking will be by appointment only
Payment by contactless card

Where Are You Based
I am based in Torquay and work from home. The location is easy to find from Newton Abbot, Paignton and Torquay. There is a bus route from most towns which will drop you at the bottom of the road, then there is approximately a 6 minute walk from the bus stop.

Where Can I Park
There is a driveway outside the house which you are welcome to park on during your visit. The treatment will be carried out in my new Garden Studio situated in my garden.

Are You Mobile
Unfortunately I am not mobile, you would need to travel to my home for your appointment. I am very easy to find and a short distance from Newton Abbot, Paignton, Brixham, Shaldon and Teignmouth

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What Payment Methods Do You Accept
I accept, Cash, Cheque, Debit Cards, Credit Cards.

What If I Need To Cancel My Appointment
Please contact me as soon as possible.
If cancellation is more than 24 hours, no fee will be charged.
If cancellation is less than 24 hours, 50% of the cost of the treatment will be required.

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